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Choosing a correct bicycle is quite confusing in modern times as there is revolutionary changes has been done in bicycles in recent time . Following are some points we need to take care at the time of purchasing bicycles online

1. Correct Bicycle Size

choosing right size is quite important as wrong size can spoil your ride experience . Basically there are two sizes in bicycle. first TYRE SIZE and second FRAME SIZE

A. Bicycle Tyre Size

following are the different tyre size suitable for different age groups

  • 14″ tyre size bicycle – Ideal for age group of 3-5 year kids
  • 16″ tyre size bicycle – Ideal for 5-8 year kids
  • 20″ tyre size bicycle – ideal for 7-10 years kids
  • 24″ tyre size bicycle – ideal for 9-12 years kids
  • 26″ , 27.5″, 29″ tyre size bicycle – for adults

B. Bicycle Frame size for different heights

There are different frame sizes for different heights following is the chart to choose correct frame size

  • 16″-17″ inch frame – 5’0″-5’5″ feet heights

18″-19″ inch frame – 5’5″ – 5’11” feet heights

21″ inch frame – 6′ feet and above

BikeSizeGraphPic 1024x576 1

2. Different type of bicycles

Bicycles in India are generally divided into 3 different category

  • Road Bike
  • City Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes

a. Road bike

Road bike in general have very thin tire size generally 700mm diameter and thickness vary 23mm to 25mm. Road bike has down handlebar for minimum air resistant and to achieve maximum speed . These bicycle are generally designed for high speed and suitable only for paved road . Road bike are not suggested for off-roading or rough cycling. These bicycle are suggested for those who want do long rides and participate in competitive rides but only on good roads

road bike

b. City Bikes or Hybrid Bikes

These bicycle tyre size generally have diameter of 700mm and width vary 32mm to 38mm. City Bicycle is a combination of road bike and mountain bike .City bikes are designed for city roads or very lite off roading. these bicycle has suspension of 50mm generally and some models comes without suspension also. In most of the models handle bar is adjustable and one can adjust as per their comfort. body posture in city bikes is neither very lean forward nor very straight. City bikes are good for moderate or medium distance rides

hybrid bike

c. Mountain Bikes or ATB bikes

Mountain bicycles comes with heavy tyres and in different diameter . Diameter of mtb bicycles tyre generally have 26″ /27.5″ or 29″ whereas width vary from 2inch to 4.8′. Mountain bicycles are not suggested for long rides instead they are best suited for off-roading and mountain rides . But in India mtb are the most preferred bicycles as they looks attractive and bulky

mtb bike

d. Fat Bikes

Fat bike are trending in India and is liked very much by youth who cycles occasionally and who want to ride only for fun . Fat bike tyres are very broad its tyre diameter is 26″ and width vary 4inch to 4’8″ inch. These bicycle looks attractive but these are not suggested for long rides

3. Different Bicycle Frames

following are the 3 different major Frames used in India

  • Steel frames : These frames are used in entry level bicycles be it non gear or gear .Non gear Steel frame bicycles ranges vary from 5k to 13k whereas geared bicycle range vary 11k to 19k
  • Alloy frames : These Bicycle frames are mostly preferred by cyclists who wants to do regular cycling or long rides because these frames are lighter in weights comparatively.
  • Carbon Frames : These frame are very lite in weight and preferred by highly professionals and by ultra cyclists. Carbon bicycle ranges starts above 150k.

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