Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000

There are several bicycle brands manufacturing bicycles in India . Some of them are only keeping price higher whereas quality of them is not as good as they present. But some brands are really maintaining their quality also keeping their price nominal . Following are some brands who are manufacturing quality bicycle and keeping price in budget

Kross Bikes

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Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000 5

Kross bikes were introduced in India somewhere around 2013. And in such a short spam of time they have marked a remarkable achievement and reason behind its success is the quality of its product keeping price at lowest. Kross bikes also export bicycles to different European country so their quality parameters are high comparatively other brands

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Firefox Bikes

Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000 6

Firefox is the leading Brand in premium bicycles having imported and also Indian made bicycles. firefox kids bikes ranges starts from 7000 onwards

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Turbine Bikes

Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000 7

Turbine bikes is newly made in India company established in 2020 having bicycles of premium quality keeping price at Indian user friendly. Turbine bicycles are working with selective bicycles but have budget friendly bicycles whose range starts 4000 onwards.

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Avon Bicycles

avon 1
Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000 8

Avon is a well known brand in Indian market known for budget friendly bicycles . Its kids ranges starts 3000 onwards whereas adults bicycles starts 5000 onwards

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Hero Bicycles

Best Bicycle Brand Under 10000 9

Hero bicycle is the largest cycle manufacturing company in India. Quality of Hero cycles are good but price are slightly higher comparatively other Indian brands . kids range starts from 3500 and adults bicycle range starts from 6000 rupees

Check Hero Cycle :

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